Rad Radio

About the Podcast

A Podcast?  About what?  RadNotions Radio is our latest foray into the infinite endless world that is podcasting.

Our podcast is simple, on the one hand: we love movies.  Any chance we have to talk about movies we’ll take it.  After a few different TV podcasts, we decided to move into the film genre.

On podcast is complex, on the other hand: we’ve created a Fantasy Film League (FFL).  What on Earth is the FFL?  It is an ever-evolving competition between the two hosts (check out our About Us section) that pits our film draft picks against each other with nine different scoring categories.  Think Fantasy Football but with films.  We understand it sounds confusing but it really isn’t.  We promise.

The Format

The RadNotions Radio Podcast is subject to change but we understand structure is important.  Therefore, you can expect most podcasts to consist of four segments:

1) New Kids on the Block – Here we’ll discuss a new release (one that has come out between the last podcast and the current one)

2) FFL Update – Here we’ll give an update on our Fantasy Film League.  We’ll talk about who had movies that came out, how they fared, and rundown who is currently winning.

3) Blast From the Past – Here we’ll discuss an older movie (which we define as anything that hasn’t come out this year).  The next “Blast From the Past” movie will be dictated by the person who wins our Weekly Wager.  You’ll have to listen to the podcast to figure that one out.

4) The Audience Voice – This podcast doesn’t exist without an audience.  Therefore, any feedback about the show, the movies we review, or etc. can be sent in to our e-mail (radnotions@gmail.com) and read on air.

5) Top 5 List – Everyone loves lists…including us.  Yes, we borrowed this segment from our favorite podcast (Filmspotting) but there simply isn’t a better way to connect our previous film knowledge with the films we’re discussing each podcast.

One comment

  1. I thought it would be fun to tweet you guys, but it turns out I’m not good at limiting myself to 140 characters.
    I really like that you guys are trying new ways to talk about the films each episode. It keeps things fresh for the listeners. That being said, I wasn’t a big fan of this past episode’s format. With each of you having a different order for the films, the show lost some of that natural back-and-forth conversation you get into when discussing each film. Overall still a good show, can’t wait for the next one!

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