Fantasy Film League (FFL) Rules


What on Earth is the Fantasy Film League (FFL)?

That’s a good question that we’re still figuring out.  We wanted to come up with something original.  And while the idea of a Fantasy Film League isn’t new, our iteration of the League is different than anything we’ve seen.

Simply speaking, it is a competition between the two co-hosts of RadNotions Radio where we each draft 10 films to compete in 9 film-related categories.  The goal is to have a comprehensive score larger than your opponent.  If you win 5 or more categories, you win the whole thing.  Simple, right?

Starting in September, we’ve transitioned into our Fantasy Film League Playoffs.  Scott won the Regular Season, thus winning the right to the first overall pick.   You can check out their full teams here and here.  You can also check out a recap of the playoff draft here.

I’ve also included a larger look at each category below:

The nine film-related categories are (with links to a description):

Make sure to keep checking back to this page (and the scoreboard) to get updates as the season goes on.

If you’d like to play, you can informally draft your own movies (if you want to double-up some we’ve picked, that’s okay) and keep your own score.  Make sure to send in how your movies are doing to in order to have your voice heard on-air.

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