FFL Regular Season 2016: Weeks Four and Five Update


Another two weeks have gone by and the playing field in this season of the Fantasy Film League has doubled. With 3 movies releasing last Friday, there are now 6 movies in play. Let’s take a look at the latest films to release and also take a moment to catch up with the earlier releases.

Jungle Book: Disney’s latest live-action remake hit theaters last Friday. Not only did the film rule the box office last weekend, making over $100 million, the film is already over halfway to making up its $175 million budget. Jungle Book has also done exceptionally well critically. Locked in with the 2nd highest Rotten Tomatoes score (94%) and 2nd highest IMDb User score (8.1), this movie has proven to be worth Jordan’s 2nd pick of this season’s draft and will certainly start to make up for Batman v. Superman’s poor critical performance.

Green Room: Jordan’s second film to be released last Friday, Green marks the second directorial effort of Jeremy Saunier. Only being released in 3 theaters, its $12,000 box office is actually quite remarkable. With a Rotten Tomatoes score of 88% and an IMDb User score of 7.3, it seems like all this movie needs in an expanded release to really take off.

Sing Street: Green Room wasn’t the only limited release to hit theaters last week as Scott’s WildCard pick hit theaters as well. Only in 5 theaters, Sing Street hasn’t made much money so far. Having made just over $100 thousand, its box office score isn’t the reason Scott is so happy with this movie’s performance. Sing Street was locked in with both the highest Rotten Tomatoes score and highest IMDb User score of the season so far with 96% and 8.4 respectively. As with many of the other limited releases this season, Scott and Jordan are eagerly awaiting a larger release to catch up with this film.

Midnight Special: Jordan’s sci-fi film has seen an expanded release in its last two weekends. While still not a wide release, Midnight Special has brought in an additional $1.5 million over the past two weeks.

Batman v. Superman: While continuing to see diminishing returns in the box office, DC’s superhero film has brought in another $30 million since our last update. This brings its profit margin up to 25%.

Everybody Wants Some!!: Now playing in 130 theaters nationwide, Richard Linklater’s latest film continues to get a larger audience. The additional screens have helped the film bring in another million dollars at the box office.

While Jordan and Scott are still hoping for wide releases for Midnight Special, Everybody Wants Some!!, Green Room, and Sing Street, they did catch up with the Jungle Book in theaters. Look for their reviews on RadNotions Radio next week!


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