FFL 2015 Playoffs Season: Crowning a Winner


So, we failed at keeping current with our updates here at RadNotions Radio. Excuses won’t be made but rather an acknowledgement of our failure and a pledge to do better in future seasons. The beginning of our 2016 Regular Season seemed like the best opportunity to catch up and work toward maintaining regular updates. But before we can move forward, we do need to crown a winner for our 2015 Playoffs Season.

After Scott selected Star Wars: The Force Awakens as his first pick of the Playoffs draft, Jordan adopted a bold strategy to streamline his draft with mostly Awards contending films. This led Scott to embrace the opposite strategy and focus on the larger, blockbuster films. For two radically different strategies, the outcome of the 2015 Playoffs Season was surprisingly close. With a final score of 5-4, Scott won the 2015 Playoffs Season, winning his second season and dominating the 2015 year of cinema.

Scott clearly asserted his dominance in both the Box Office and Theaters categories. Nearly doubling Jordan’s number of theaters and raking in over 4x the box office numbers. Scott’s strategy of going big paid off in these 2 categories. This was in large thanks to his number one pick, Force Awakens, which became the highest grossing film of all time domestically, earning over 900 million dollars (more than Jordan’s entire box office earnings).

Jordan’s strategy paid of with Awards Season as he walked away with both the Award Nominations and Award Wins categories. Jordan’s first round draft pick, The Revenant, earned 16 nominations and 6 wins alone. Scott’s films put up a valiant effort and nearly won the Award Wins category, but still lost by 1.

When it came to Gross Margin, Jordan’s smaller films made the difference. Scott’s bigger films with bigger budgets hurt his gross margin but MacBeth’s shockingly low gross margin of nearly -1500% really lost him the Gross Margin category.

Both the IMDb User Score and RadScore categories came down to the wire. Scott’s films averaged 7.77 with IMDb and Jordan’s averaged 7.26, giving Scott the IMDb win. Scott’s films earned a cumulative RadScore of 803.2 points while Jordan’s films earned just slightly more with 803.9 points. An extremely tight race given the strategies employed in drafting.

Top 10’s was another close category. Carol pulled through big time for Jordan but couldn’t compete with the love for Scott’s Mad Max: Fury Road.

The deciding factor of this season was the Rotten Tomatoes category, where Scott and Jordan tied. Having substituted their Tiebreaker picks into the line up, it fell to the audience to decide how to play it out and they decided that the original tiebreaker’s score should win. With Scott’s tiebreaker, Youth, at 75 and Jordan’s tiebreaker, Legend, at 60, the category and the win went to Scott.

Well, it was another intense season of the Fantasy Film League. There were a few flops, a number of well-made movies, and even some cinematic masterpieces. Now it’s time to look transition to the summer blockbuster season with our 2016 Regular Season Fantasy Film League. To see what movies Scott and Jordan drafted, head to their teams’ page. The tab can be found at the top of the page.


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