FFL Playoff Season 2015: Week Five and Six Updates


With the release of two more films and the expansion of a third, its been another busy couple of weeks for the Fantasy Film League.

Jordan’s film, Steve Jobs, received a much wider expansion opening in over 2,000 additional screens starting the 20th. Unfortunately, the increase in theaters didn’t translate into the increase in box office numbers that were expected. While Steve Jobs did make slightly over 7 million over the past weekend, this fell far short of the 20 million that had been predicted by Universal. Despite the poor box office performance so far, Michael Fassbender’s performance and a great script from Aaron Sorkin will make this film a solid contender for the Academy Awards.

Jordan also saw the release of his film, Suffragette, over the past weekend. Starring Carey Mulligan, Meryl Streep, and Helena Bonham Carter, this period piece set in the early days of the feminist movement saw a very limited initial release of only 4 theaters. Between these four theaters, the film made roughly $80,000, which was the highest take per screen. Hopefully, that will translate into bigger numbers once the film gets a wider release. As for its Rotten Tomatoes and IMDB User scores, Suffragette was locked in at 78% and 6.6 respectively, a little underwhelming considering the cast and subject.

Scott’s film, Bridge of Spies, released wide two weekends ago and has reached the #3 spot in the box office both weekends. This translated into roughly 33 million in box office sales. The film has done extremely well with critics, garnering a 93% on Rotten Tomatoes and an IMDb User score of 8.3. However, the Hanks-Spielberg collaboration hasn’t exactly been a breakout hit in the box office.

To find out how well the other theatrical releases in the Fantasy Film League have done and to hear Jordan and Scott’s take on Bridge of Spies and Steve Jobs, tune into RadNotions Radio. Next episode will release later this week.

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