FFL Regular Season Update: Crowning a Winner


First of all, sorry for the lack of updates.  Due to a some unforeseen circumstances, things got a little crazy here at RadNotions.  Although we didn’t quit with the podcasts, we did take a break from the text posts.

Since our last post, a lot has happened.  Although Jordan got married and traveled around Europe, his luck ran out when it came to the FFL Regular Season.  So much so that we were able to crown Scott the official winner of the 2015 FFL Regular Season.

The full scoreboard is here.

It was pretty ugly for Jordan as he only pulled out one point (out of 5).  His only bragging rights come by the way of Gross Margin as films like Ex Machina, Dope, and Minions brought 100%+ Gross Margins.

Scott took the RottenTomatoes category pretty handily as he averaged an impressive 78%.  His best picks in that category were Mad Max: Fury Road and Inside Out (which both posted scores of 98%).

He also took the Box Office category – again, handily – as his movies totaled $1.6 billion.  He can thank Jurassic World for a very impressive U.S. box office haul.

Scott also locked in the IMDb User and the RadScore categories.  Just like RottenTomatoes, Mad Max: Fury Road and Inside Out dominated the IMDb category.  Mad Max: Fury Road also generated the highest ever RadScore, making it undoubtedly Scott’s Most Valuable…Movie.

With the 4-1 victory, Scott secured the first pick in the upcoming “Playoff” Season, which starts at the beginning of September and runs through Awards season.


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