FFL Regular Season 2015: Week Nine Update


Jordan’s fourth film and Cameron Crowe’s latest film, Aloha, opened to some disappointing numbers this past weekend. Coming in 6th overall this past weekend, Aloha only earned $9.7 million behind other Fantasy Film contenders Tomorrowland (3rd overall) and Mad Max: Fury Road (4th overall). With only a $37 million dollar budget, it recouped a little more than a quarter of its budget but its critical reception doesn’t bode for the film breaking even. Aloha was locked in with an 18% score of Rotten Tomatoes this past Monday and an IMDb score of 5.3. This marks the lowest Rotten Tomatoes score and lowest IMDb score for any film in this season or our inaugural season last year. Exodus: Gods and Kings from last season previously held that ‘honor’ with a Rotten Tomatoes score of 28% and an IMDb score of 6.5. So far this film is proving to be a dud for Jordan.

Checking in on other films still in play, Tomorrowland pulled in another $14.3 million this past weekend and Mad Max: Fury Road was right behind it with $14.1 million. Combined with box office from the past two days, this brings their box office totals to $66.68 million and $120.1 million respectively. Mad Max: Fury Road only has one weekend remaining for its FFL eligibility while Tomorrowland has another two weekends.

Scott’s Wildcard film, True Story, has now concluded its theatrical run with a box office total of $4.72 million. This number pales in comparison to the $23.6 million that Jordan’s Wildcard film, Ex Machina, has pulled in. Currently, Ex Machina still has a strong presence in theaters so expect that film to gain some more in the following weeks.

Jordan’s 2nd Wildcard pick, Love & Mercy, will be hitting theaters this Friday so check back here next week for another update. And to see what Scott and Jordan thought of Aloha and for more Fantasy Film League updates, tune into Rad Notions Radio. The next episode will be available later next week.

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