FFL Regular Season 2015: Week Four Update


While there were no new releases for either Scott or Jordan this past week, we do have some updates on the 3 movies in play.

Scott’s Wildcard pick, True Story, got a very slight expansion in release and a slight decrease in box office earnings. Adding 1.14 million to its previous earnings, True Story’s total box office earnings are at 3.81 million dollars. Still haven’t been able to track down a budget for the film, so it’s gross remains a mystery for now. On the other hand, Jordan’s Wildcard pick, Ex Machina, got a much wider release and a huge boost in numbers. Jumping from 39 theaters to over a thousand last Friday, Ex Machina raked in over 5 million dollars, which brings its box office total to 6.83 million.

Furious 7 managed to stay on top of the Box Office 4 weekends in a row, being only the fourth film to do so (Dark Knight, Avatar and Hunger Games being the others). In other record-breaking news, Furious 7 is the fastest movie to break $1 billion in global sales in just 17 days and is now the 5th highest grossing film internationally. Seems to be a good note to go out on as this marks the end of its eligibility for our Fantasy Film League and is locked in at a domestic box office total of 320.08 billion dollars.

Avengers 2: Age of Ultron, Jordan’s first wide release and first overall pick in this season’s draft, hits theaters this Friday so be sure to stay tuned for some big updates next week. And don’t forget to check out our podcast, which is available on iTunes.

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