RadNotions’ Fantasy Film League Scoring Constitution: Gross Margin

As we kick off our first annual Fantasy Film League, I thought I’d do a quick write-up on each Scoring Category.  This post will focus on the Gross Margin.

The Skinny

  • The number to pay attention to hear is the Gross Margin (Profit/Revenue).  Just like with the Box Office numbers, we’ll pull the numbers after 4 weeks for wide releases.
  • This will be converted into a percentage (to two decimal places) to make it a little more manageable
  • As of now, we’ll rely on the Wikipedia budget (yes, this could change but it’ll be consistent throughout) and the BoxOfficeMojo gross numbers.
  • We’ll use Margin Calculator for the calculations


This one isn’t as straightforward.  If it was straight profit, it’d be easy to go with movies you thought were going to make a lot.  However, the gross margin makes smaller budgets (last year’s The Purge) sometimes more valuable than bigger budgets (The Dark Knight).  Really, it’s a crapshoot, especially since budgets aren’t released until after-the-fact.

Be sure to check out the current scoreboard.

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