“Dexter”: Do You See What I See? Review

[Note: These reviews may be a little less extensive than in the past.  If you’d like a more in-depth recap/review, head over to The Dark Passengers Podcast Page]

If you’ve paid attention to my reviews (or our podcast), you’ve known that this season has been, generally speaking, on the upturn.  However, last week was a notable step backwards.  I hoped it would be a hiccup and “Do You See What I See?” would put us in the right direction.  The verdict?  We’re back on the path to an explosive finale!

While there still were little things that bugged me about this week’s episode, I didn’t see it as a character development nightmare like last week.  I felt like destroying the Dark Passenger (however stupid the name is out loud) and the Code went against what Dexter was about.  Likewise, I think Hannah was built up as Dexter’s “perfect” woman…but last week she essentially denied understanding his need to kill.  The only mention this week was a throwaway line about the recently lamented Dark Passenger…which may still be present, then?

With that out of the way, I’ve been yearning for a “holy shit!” moment like the first four seasons.  Even though Season 7 has been better than 5 and 6, we’ve still not had this moment. Well, right on the brink of another epic chainsaw kill…we got this moment…

A little set-up, though.  The last of three involved in Dexter’s mom’s death, Hector, gets released on parole.  Even though Dexter had the opportunity to speak up, he lets Hector walk…in hopes to kill him.  It seemed a little convenient for the plot, until we found out exactly how he got free.  Dexter lures him into a shipping container, where Hector accuses him of being in cahoots with LaGuerta.

“Holy shit.”


It was a trap, and a good one at that.  Backed into the corner, Dexter has to run and avoid being caught.  LaGuerta’s super detective qualities have been semi-annoying, but the story makes enough logical sense and is a good direction.  I can get past it, and I think this moment turned me around completely.  This was the future of the show and I’m thinking it’ll take us throughout the finale and the final season.

The other major story involved Hannah and Deb, who were essentially fighting over Dexter’s love.  Deb earlier helped Dexter out by setting up Doakes to hopefully get LaGuerta off the trail.  Although it ultimately didn’t work, there two of them take some sly moves to frame Doakes.

Hannah, on the other hand, tries to make amends with Deb…who is having none of it.  I was a little surprised Deb didn’t reconcile with Hannah, but it makes sense from a jealousy standpoint.  Whether she’s jealous or legitimately hates Hannah for getting off the hook, Deb isn’t will to back down.

This leads to Deb getting in a mysterious car crash that seems to be the debate of the night.  Did Deb accidentally OD on her prescription or did Hannah poison her?  Or, is there another explanation?  For my money, I don’t think it makes any sense at all for Hannah to be the culprit…only because it seems way too obvious.  Dexter knows about Sal and his circumstances, so he’d surely figure out Hannah did it, right?  The only other explanation…that I can think of…is that Deb poisoned herself to make it look like Hannah.  This doesn’t make a lot of sense, either, though because you’d think she wouldn’t do it to herself right before driving.  There’d be too much of a risk she’d accidentally kill herself.

Either way, I think we’ll find out for sure next week.  Dexter made his decision, though, as he turns Hannah in by episode’s end.  Doesn’t Hannah know too much?  I’d almost expect him to kill her instead…but that’s not fun, right?  It’s not the finale…yet.

There are a lot of open questions going into next week’s finale.  “Do You See What I See?” was a fun Christmas episode (minus the horrible Christmas lines) that made up a lot of ground from last week’s disaster.  If it continues it next week, I will be stoked!

Rating: B+


*Quinn and Nadia’s story may be done, too!  I hope so, and I don’t want to talk about it anymore.

*How screwed is Batista?  There is no way he is going to retire and get off the hook…is there?  I guess he hasn’t had much to do this season, but still, I don’t want to see him go.

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