“Person of Interest”: Til Death Review

“Person of Interest” added a wrinkle to the formula this week as they gave Reese and Finch two numbers rather than one.  It didn’t really go into the background behind why this happens (or why only one number usually gets spit out when there are plenty of other violent crimes), but it did add a lot of intrigue.  Other than that, “Til Death” didn’t push the underlying story much, making it difficult to think of it as one of the better installments.

Still, it was plenty entertaining.  The two numbers belonged to a married couple that owned a publishing firm.  Automatically, Reese and Finch assume the two are targets, especially given their upcoming content.  When Reese looks into the couple, he soon realizes they are both the targets and the perpetrators.

This particular occurrence has happened before, but what made “Til Death” different was that both wanted to kill each other.

This, of course, stemmed from their failed marriage and differing opinions about the future of their firm.  Instead of settling it like “mature adults,” they decided to have each other killed.

'Til Death

Sometimes, its bothersome that “Person of Interest” will blatantly let people off even though their intent was to kill someone.  In the episode, Reese and Finch essentially play matchmaker as they try to mend the broken relationship.  However, this means they must ignore that the two just wanted to off each other.

Maybe its their soft side, but I would think a relationship that has made it to the point of attempted murder is probably not fixable.

I can see how the concept alone was enough to carry this episode, but it highlighted an underlying part of the show that simply doesn’t make sense.  How come certain numbers are produced when other crimes are certainly happening?  Also, when Reese goes in and tries to save someone and another person dies, how come that number doesn’t appear?

I do understand that creating a fictional show based on a fictional “Machine” helps mitigate this problem, but “Person of Interest” has made a point to slowly unveil how “The Machine” works.  However, they don’t ever overtly question why certain numbers come and certain ones don’t.

“Til Death” was a way to find a fresh wrinkle to the procedural formula.  With barely any secondary story, it felt more like a filler episode.  Since “Person of Interest” has to make 20+ episodes a year, keeping the story going is sometimes hard.  I understand this, but this is also why it probably won’t make the bump up to one of the greatest shows on television.  It’s still good, don’t get me wrong, but some of the issues of this episode sum up the overall bugs of the show.

Rating: B-


*Finch’s ongoing flashback was a part of the overarching story, but it didn’t come to finite end.  We’re led to believe this will mean something, but it’s still at the development stage right now.

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