“Person of Interest”: Bury the Lede Review

[Note: Sorry this is kind of late, it’s been quite the week!]

I’ve been a little down on “Person of Interest” since they wrapped up the fallout from the Season 1 finale.  The past two episodes have felt a lot more procedural, and I obviously prefer a more comprehensive story.  With that being said, “Bury the Lede” had a lot more of the big picture in mind, making it one of the better episodes.

Starting with the number of the week, Reese and Finch start to follow an investigative journalist (named Maxine) who is oblivious she’ll become a target.  Midway through the conflict, though, they realize the journalist has info on Reese, meaning they can’t explicitly tell her why they’re saving her.  It’d tip her off.

This isn’t the first time they’ve had to do this (I’m too lazy to figure out which Season 1 episode did something similar), but the switch to more incognito life-savers was a welcomed departure.  Thanks to the Finch’s quick mind, Reese becomes Mr. Anderson – an interested online dater – to get closer to Maxine.  I mention this a lot, but there were some obvious comic book parallels on their first date – the most notable being Reese’s Clark Kent-like glasses – that I really enjoyed.

The below-the-surface conflict had to do with the head of HR.  Since Maxine has the inside scoop (which turns out to be incorrect), she ends up sort of being the perpetrator when the one she accuses ends up dead.  I believe this is the first time we’ve seen “Person of Interest” blame someone that indirectly killed someone.  If this is the case, how come Reese and Finch’s numbers don’t surface?  This probably will happen in the future, though.

The whole reveal of who the real HR ringleader was ended up being a bit anticlimactic only because of the meta aspect.  When I initially saw Clarke Peters in “Bury the Lede,” I was ecstatic.  Anytime I can see a “Wire” alum, I get a gigantic smile.  However, I suspected they weren’t going to bring him in for a few random lines.  He had to mean something.

However, this doesn’t mean I didn’t like the reveal.  In fact, I’m probably more ecstatic that it’ll be an actor I adore.  It’ll be weird seeing him as a bad guy, but I can deal with it.  I’m just as ecstatic that we finally have a face, too, since it was getting a bit tiresome not knowing exactly who ran HR.  It’s a formidable operation (with over 75 dirty cops), so it’ll definitely play a role in the future of the show.

When these “big picture” stories highlight “Person of Interest” episodes, I tend to enjoy it a lot more.  Last year they balanced it really well (especially after the first few episodes), so I’m hoping it can keep pace with last year.

So far, they’re 3/5, so not too bad!

Rating: B+


*Fusco had quite the episode, and I feel bad that he can’t ever escape his ties to HR.  Reese relied on him to cover his tracks last season, and it doesn’t look like Fusco has the greatest future in the show.  After initially despising him, it’s interesting to see that I adore him now!  I don’t want him to go – and I think he has a lot left to offer – but I could see him being the first major character to bite the dust.

*Reese has quite the track record with women.  Zoey had a nice return this week, but sparks flew with Maxine, too.  His past fractured his view on love, but I have a suspicion “Person of Interest” can’t go long without introducing a long-term love hitch to the conflict.

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