“Dexter”: Are You…? Review

[Note: These reviews may be a little less extensive than in the past.  If you’d like a more in-depth recap/review, head over to The Dark Passengers Podcast Page]

It’s funny what a scene can do to the entire episode.  Before Season 7’s Premiere “Are You…?” reached its final scene, I was convinced that the entire season was going one direction.  Then, the writers pulled the rug out from underneath my expectations, expediting the season in a way I didn’t expect at all.

If, somehow, you forgot how Season 6 ended, Deb (Jennifer Carpenter) walked in on Dexter (Michael C. Hall) murdering Travis Marshall (Colin Hanks).  It was a moment the show had been building towards since Day 1.  I was actually surprised they chose that moment, since they had a perfect opportunity a season before.  Alas, it seemed like a good starting point for the final two seasons.

“Are You…?” continued to show Deb as a smart detective, which was something I was scared wouldn’t happen.  Sure, she could’ve been blinded by her feelings (both romantically or not) towards Dexter, but I didn’t want her to turn into a stupid detective.  There were plenty of moments where she should’ve been connecting the dots (Dexter’s attire, his precision, his conflicting stories, and etc.), where I assumed she wasn’t.

It was completely on me, and I was completely wrong.

But before I get ahead of myself, I should talk about some of the other things Season 7 seems to be building towards.  First of all, RIP Mike Anderson (Billy Brown) who left us too soon.  I wasn’t a huge fan of Mike, but his death seemed pretty anticlimactic.  If anything, it seemed like shortcut by the writers to get a fresh organization in Miami Metro’s crosshairs.

This organization is led by Isaac (Ray Stevenson), who has a very minor scene.  However, he is connected to the man responsible for Mike’s death (don’t worry, Dexter gets his revenge), as well as a strip club owner (Jason Gedrick).

Outside of them, there are some loose ends tied up from last season, too, including Quinn (Desmond Harrington) and Batista’s (David Zayas) feud.  Due to the powerhouse nature of the Deb-Dexter scenes, the stuff not involving them directly seemed inferior.

There is a loose end that involves Dexter (to some extent), though.  Louis (Josh Cooke) seemed to be on Dexter’s trail last year.  After “Are You…?” it seems like Louis may be getting set up to take Dexter’s fall (much like Doakes from seasons back).  It wouldn’t be the freshest twist, but I could definitely see it happening – seriously, how weird is Louis?  If he’s not taking the fall, he’s definitely being set up as Dexter’s nemesis.

Finally, we can get to the end scene which ultimately saved the episode.  In fact, on a second viewing, I thought “Are You…?” was an even better episode.  When Deb actually confronted Dexter about whether or not he was a serial killer (a logical conclusion), I still half-expected him to lie again.  Then, he went full Heisenberg on us and admitted to it.

In a way, it was a mind-f*ck.  Where can the season go from here?  With Season 6 being a frustrating mess of plot mistakes, I expected Season 7 to end with what Episode 1 concluded with.  At this pace, can we get through 12 episodes?  What about 24?  I’d rather have this problem, though, then slowly wading through a conclusion we already can see coming.

At the worst, “Are You…?” got me excited for what is to come.  It could go downhill from here, but I’m getting my confidence slowly restored in “Dexter.”

Until next time…

Rating: B+

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