“The Killing:” Sayonara, Hiawatha Review

By Jordan Magrath

“The Killing” is at its best when Linden and Holder work together and do genuine police work. As the show has shown, sometimes there is a lot of red-tape to cut through. The week, in “Sayonara, Hiawatha,” the two showcase their detective abilities, which plays out a lot like a heist. Of the recent episodes, I felt like this one up’d the ante a considerable amount more. Plus, we’re left with a pretty big cliffhanger by the end.

Rosie’s key disappears from evidence and isn’t at county. Linden and Holder, effectively off the case, must take the back-door approach to solving the case. The show becomes a lot more sneaky at this point.

Mitch finds herself in Blaine (near my old stomping grounds) visiting her ex-fling. As we know, she’s actually Rosie’s father. We also find out that Rosie visited him and planned to run away.

Tommy gets suspended from school, too, for killing a bird. It felt a little heavy handed to show Tommy’s violence as a product of Rosie’s whole ordeal. With that being said, I keep forgetting how much it would hurt to have everyone think your sister (or daughter) was a prostitute. It changes the whole dynamic of the case.

In the political arena, Gwen reveals she has a connection to the Adams camp, which sounds creepy to say the least.

Linden and Holder make their way back to the reservation, looking for a way into the 10th floor construction site. Holder has to distract security away from her, while she sneaks up the elevator. When she gets into the room, there isn’t much of a crime scene, but she does find a key card that could be a gateway to the case.

However, before she can get it she’s knocked out cold from behind. It’s evident that Rosie had planned to run away before she was killed, but I’m not sure exactly why. We’ll have to wrestle with this question a few more weeks.

“The Killing” served up a sneaky episode – watching Holder and Linden in the casino was utterly suspenseful. There’s still plenty to be said about the case, but we’re well on our way to the end.

Rating: B+

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