Review: The OF Tape Vol. 2 – Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All

By Dustin VandeHoef


I’m one of those people who have a difficult time making choices. The guy always insisting that the waitress start at the other end of the table desperately hoping that in the 30 seconds I just bought myself I’ll be able to choose between mozzarella sticks or mini tacos. And finally just settling on the expensive sampler platter I could never hope to finish because I’ve failed to decide anything. So that’s my awkward segway into the actual album review – Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All’s most recent release “The OF Mixtape Vol. 2” is most easily compared to an Applebee’s Sampler Platter.

Acting as both a positive and a negative, the most notable thing after the first listen is just how many different styles are found within the group. The member’s different ideas unfortunately hinder the album from ever feeling like a whole experience but it also showcases each of them in their best environments. Even smooth crooner Frank Ocean finds a place to fit in during the romantic “Analog 2” – a song I’m sure will be used to seduce many a woman this coming summer. However this slow burner is immediately followed by the jarringly aggressive beat of “50” rapped by OFWGKTA’s Hodgy Beats and Left Brain. Both are some of the best songs on the album but played back-to-back fail to compliment each other at all.

OF Vol. 2” definitely shows growth within the group. Front man Tyler, The Creator continues to become a better rapper and everyone’s focus seems to have shifted a little from the shock rap that rocketed them to the top. Make no mistake there’s still plenty of rape, clits, tits, and bitches to go around but there’s also a lot more than that just happening. Nothing here will help change the world or shed light on pressing cultural issues but it’s a step in the right direction for a still young (in every sense of the word) group.

With a playtime around an hour the tape smells a bit of over-indulgence, and very few songs in it are ones you’ll find yourself coming back to outside the context of the full thing, but you’ll be happy you stuck around by the time the grand finale “Oldie” comes along. A 10 minute opus featuring the majority of the OFWGKTA gang rapping over a lo-fi , brass accentuated beat that proves just how much potential the group has. And while a lot of people have been giving high praise to Earl Sweatshirt’s return verse on it it’s Tyler, The Creator’s closer that steals the show and wraps it up better than I ever could – “So instead of critiquing and bitching/being mad as fuck/Just admit/not only are we talented/we’re rad as fuck, bitches”

Grade: B


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