“Person of Interest”: Blue Code Review

By Jordan Magrath

[Note: This review will be short and to the point.  With next week’s episode tonight, I’ve fallen a bit behind]

“Blue Code,” the newest episode of CBS’s “Person of Interest.” had a richer number-of-the-week story which pushed the episode further than some other ones.  It wasn’t, by any means, the best episode the show has seen.  On the flip side, it wasn’t the worst either!  There were some choppy fight scenes and some plot holes the more you thought about it.  However, the episode introduced yet another continuous player and created quite possibly the best ending an episode has seen.

The number of the week was Michael Cahill (Michael Aronov), an undercover cop involved in the drug ring.  Knowing his involvement made him seem like an obvious target.  Reese had to find a way to save the undercover cop without jeopardizing his cover.  Again, “Person of Interest” threw us right into the action.  We had a full story already in the first half of the episode, which gave us a significant amount of time dealing with better (and more important) things.  This structure is really helping the show.

Of the things that bugged me about “Blue Code,” they really do seem necessary to the show.  They had to do some corner-cutting to get the episode off the ground.  For instance, Reese’s ability to infiltrate the drug ring seemed way too easy.  Likewise, his survival likely wouldn’t have happened if the thing was real, but we don’t want him dead anyways!

The episode, unlike all of them, is an ode to Detective Fusco.  At the beginning of the show, he was a lowly dirty cop that was tough to root for.  Give the writers credit because they’ve slowly made him a likable character.  Most shows would give him an episode to redeem himself, but “Person of Interest” has shown they knew for awhile he’d get his moment.  This planning is very appreciated!

Poor poor Fusco.  His “moment to shine” wasn’t a good one either.  We know him to be the guy who wants to redeem himself and start over.  Instead, Reese forces him to take the fall for a murder Reese actually committed.  This forces Fusco back into the likes of his dirty cop friends he is trying to avoid.  It’s a necessary evil for the “good” they are trying to do.  It’s very easy to see the conflicting nature of these statements, which is making the show better with each episode.

I’m surprised we got another character (code named L.O.S. for now), since we already have Elias and Root to deal with.  I’ve made it obvious on my favorite of the bunch, but I think it’s about time for one of them to show back up.  They’ve been baiting us with Elias for the longest time, so that’s where my bet is.  I’d love to see the continuous part of the show move forward, and quite frankly, I have a pretty good feeling it will!

Rating: B+

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