“Dexter”: This is the Way the World Ends Review

By Jordan Magrath

“Oh God.”

I dared the show to wow me and, for the most part, they succeeded.  Although I still think that the moment happened a calendar year too late, I can’t change the past.  There is no denying that “Dexter” created something worth looking forward to.  Looking back, I haven’t been this excited for another “Dexter” episode since the moment I actually caught up with the show, which was right before Season 5.

Before we get to the cliffhanger, let’s go back to the beginning.  Last week’s episode, which definitely had its ups and downs, left Dexter in a burning wreck in the middle of the ocean.  Being our main character, of course he had to escape!  When he’s picked up by a ship full of immigrants, Dexter finds himself in the middle of a heist.  Interesting choice.  But, I’m not one to be bothered by a little Dexter harpoon bludgeoning, increasing Dexter’s kill count.

Back on safe land, Dexter makes another terrible (and unrealistic when looking at his past track record) decision which leaves him very vulnerable.  By bringing Harrison back to his home, Dexter left his son in a very dangerous situation.

Having Dexter’s keys, Travis decides it is a sign from God.  He investigates and comes to the realization that he needs a lamb for sacrifice.  Harrison will be the lamb.

Meanwhile, Deb continues to have disgusting goo-goo eyes for her non-biological brother.  She comes to terms with the fact that she loves Dexter, and she’s apparently not going to fight this urge.  More on this later.

Travis kidnaps Harrison, Dexter follows him, and a confrontation occurs.  Up to this point, the episode didn’t have much to offer.  It seemed like too quick of a buildup to realistically think Harrison had a chance of dying.  Dexter himself seemed vulnerable, but we all knew he’d find a way out.  This isn’t really a way to discredit the episode, but more as a realistic way of looking at it.  However, it still doesn’t tie up some of the loose ends which could have made it a neat, tight package like previous seasons had done.

Dexter ultimately saves his son, himself, and gets the “Big Bad” on the kill table.  The difference between this one and all the previous ones, though, was the execution of the very final shot.  Closing up (hopefully) the theme of religion, Dexter went into a semi-rant about religion, death, and blah blah blah.  We’d heard it before, but hopefully we won’t have to hear it again.  Right before he drove the knife into Travis chest, though, Deb walked in!

“Oh God.”

That was the only response Dexter, Deb, and us as the viewers could have simultaneously.  Where a lot of the season didn’t seem to fit into a good story, the end did manage to succeed.

This is where I go on a rant about how this moment really should’ve happened a year ago, when Deb inexplicably decided to let the vigilante killers go (Dexter included).  To date, this was my least favorite moment in the entirety of the show.  Getting that out of my mind, I can’t really fault them for using it in this instance.  I’m glad it is out in the air now, so that we can move forward to another season.

This is especially true because it will likely end the romance link (if there was one) between Dexter and Deb.  It appears that most viewers have come to loathe this, so I’m sure they’re on my side, too.

When you look at what the show has to work with, they are more rich than ever.  This makes me excited, and hopefully they can continue to work on this material.  Where Rita’s death still is the greatest cliffhanger to date, I hope the writers find a better way to plot the season than what they chose directly proceeding Rita’s death.

I’m excited for the next episode, even if it is 9 months away.

Rating: B+

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