“Homeland”: The Good Soldier Review

By Jordan Magrath

Each week we’ve been deprived of any evidence that Brody is guilty.  The writers have cleverly kept the “truth” from us, toying with the line of pure exhaustion.  We all have our reservations on Brody’s involvement, but I was teetering on the edge of frustration.

Then, “The Good Soldier,” ended, quashing my potential frustrations.  Brody is, at the very least, a very good liar.

Let’s back up now.  After last week’s razor blade debacle, Carrie convinces the CIA that they should polygraph all 13 people who came in contact with Brody’s ex-captor.  She hopes this will be the evidence she is looking for: that Brody is a spy for the enemy.

The polygraph scenes sure were intense, weren’t they?  Every time they showed someone answering questions, my heart started racing.  Almost every answer made me think the damn lines would start jumping all over the place.  It was beautifully shot, to say the least.

Through the polygraphs, we learned quite a bit.  Carrie lied about her drug use (not surprising), Estes bitched about his marital woes (not surprising), and Saul broke down a bit (a little surprising).

Saul seemed to turn 180 degrees from the previous episode.  Being on the wrong end of Carrie’s bitchfit last week seemed to kick his butt into gear.  He seemed proactive this week, constantly on the move, making him seem less apathetic.  And, for a second there, he almost looked guilty of something!  I’m glad it ultimately panned out to be nothing.

Outside of the CIA headquarters, we got to finally see the fight we all knew was coming.  Brody was bound to find out Mike had been fu–screwing his wife while he was being “tortured.”  Before that, one of Brody’s military acquaintances let us in on some interesting details about Brody’s life before he came back, which made him look less heroic.  Then, the punches started flying when it was revealed that Mike had been doing the dirty deed.  Mike was bloodied, and Brody left in a huff.  What a way to ruin a funeral reception, huh?

Side note: Brody’s speech at the funeral was really good.  It was emotional, especially knowing what we knew.  The dramatic irony was well used by the writers.

In the wake of his emotional (and physical) breakdown, Brody calls Carrie to tell her the polygraph will need to postponed, due to his emotional imbalance.  She decides to join him at a bar, where they drink all of their problems away.  Almost immediately, I could see the romantic wheels churning.  The entire time, I was pleading with them to leave it alone.  Let the romance brew for a bit, don’t ruin it now…but they didn’t listen.  Brody repaid the “unfaithful spouse” card in the backseat of Carrie’s car.

I think the moment I enjoyed the least was Carrie running her drunk little mouth about what the polygraph was about.  It seemed like an error even a blacked out drunk wouldn’t make.  Perhaps I shouldn’t judge the wasted, but I think her lapse in judgment was pretty unbelievable, especially knowing Carrie and her obsession with her job.

All this doesn’t really matter because, in the grand scheme of things, the episode was good.  Drunk escapades or not, the plot continued forward.  Brody got his polygraph and Carrie didn’t get the results she wanted.  When asked if he gave the razor blade, Brody answered “no” which correlated to the truth on the polygraph.  When asked if he’d been unfaithful, which we’d just unfortunately witnessed, Brody looked deep into the camera and again answered “no.”  Again, the machine said he was telling the truth.

You sneaky little liar Brody.  What else you holding on to?

Is it hard evidence?  Definitely not.  But, is it enough to keep me from being frustrated?  Definitely yes.  Am I excited for next week?  Definitely yes, again.

Rating: B+

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