“Person of Interest:” The Fix Review

By: Jordan Magrath

[Since I am very behind and this review is becoming decreasingly relevant, this will be short]

After weeks and weeks of pleading to have some connection from one episode to the next, “The Fix” finally fixed the problem!  I won’t reserve it as the best episode of the season, but I’ll admit that it’s one of the best.  That good enough for you?

It was a matter of time before Reese got a hook-up buddy, and it finally happened.  It was a little unconventional, and for that, I thank you Jonathan Nolan!  Perhaps he isn’t love-struck, but as his past has shown us, his love story is actually interesting.  I hope it doesn’t come to the forefront too much, but I wouldn’t mind seeing it pop up every couple of episodes.

“The Fix,” finds Reese as a driver for Zoe (Paige Turco), this week’s number.  After initially looking pretty guilty, Reese figures out that she is actually a professional “fixer.”  This basically means she will do what it takes to fix a problem for you.  At the beginning, this means she will obtain a gun for a police officer who has lost one.  The bulk of the episode then shows her trying to obtain and erase a potentially sensitive voice recording for a pharmaceutical exec.  As we find out, this exec isn’t willing to leave any loose strings, putting a target on Zoe’s (and Reese’s) back.  Even though they are actively trying to help solve the problem, they still present a problem.

Through the help of Finch’s technology, he is able to find out that the recording actually implicates the pharmaceutical company, showing that their newest FDA-approved drug is actually very deadly.  Reese and Finch then focus on bringing down the company, and of course saving Zoe.

All turns out well, of course.  That’s not what made the episode good, though.  Two important things come of the episode.

First, we see a side investigation into the “Elias M.” case that cropped up a few weeks ago.  The connection from previous episodes makes me optimistic about the future of the show.  How it will play out we’ll see in the future.  I think it took a bit too long to heat up, but maybe I can quit bitching now.

Second, Finch gets to conclude the episode in the spotlight once again.  I loved seeing him let his guard down last week, but “The Fix” was even better.  Finch connects the current pharmaceutical case to a case he had (before Reese got on board).  Since Finch had no way of helping the numbers (and was constantly “haunted” by them), he felt like he let people down.  By finding the killers to the previous case, he got a sense of closure that was very emotional.  Finch is becoming the most interesting character on the show, and I couldn’t be happier.

Hopefully, we get some more movement in the Elias M. case as the show moves forward.  See you next week (or tomorrow).

Rating: B+

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