“The Killing:” I’ll Let You Know When I Get There Review

After the investigation crumbled beneath them last week, Holder and Linden had to start from scratch this week.  Thankfully, “The Killing” kept to it’s normal formula of painfully realistic.

Linden flexed her investigative muscles this week by actually doing some good police work.  I’m not saying she hasn’t done some in the past, but she finally pieced together a timeline.  This seems like something that should’ve been done at the beginning, but maybe they were so focused on Bennet they forgot?  Either way, it was nice to see her investigate, but it was even more fun to see her interrogate Belko.

Belko’s story sort of stands alone in the series.  He’s been around most episodes (and drawn a lot of suspicious from viewers).  However, he hasn’t had very many “moments,” in the show.  I didn’t find him weird or creepy until the end of the previous episode where he was going ape-shit while watching Stan beat the living hell out of Bennet.  “I’ll Let You Know When I Get There” focused a lot on continuing to show Belko has crazy/insane.  It was good, but I wish they’d built it up for a few more episodes.  They essentially vindicated him by the end, making it seem almost like a waste.

Back to Linden, her relationship with Rick hit rock bottom (if it wasn’t already there).  I’ve said it for a few weeks, but I don’t see Sarah and Rick working out.  Sarah can’t (or won’t) leave her job.  End of story.  I’m sure this didn’t show the end of the story, but I just don’t see her leaving Seattle.  It’s sad.

From the Larson’s standpoint, Stan surprisingly turned himself in.  I figured he’d go to jail, but I didn’t think he’d willingly turn himself in.  It’s still painful to think of the loving Stan that gave that little girl her bike last episode juxtaposed against the giant in the orange jumpsuit.  I wish he wasn’t in jail and Mitch was.  Mitch still seems like the more “unstable” one, despite watching Stan basically kill Bennet.

I finally realized just how pregnant Bennet’s wife is.  I won’t be surprised to see her give birth by the end of the season (only 3 more episodes!).  She’ll likely end up alone with the baby.  Like Linden’s love life, this storyline will probably end pretty sad/depressing.

The political side didn’t move forward as much, but the most interesting part was when the Richmond campaign found out a clip of Rosie and Darren together.  Will this mean anything?  It could be a coincidence, or it could be the end to Darren’s already unstable campaign.  Hell, maybe he’s the killer?

Overall, I think the episode worked a bit as a “filler” in a few ways.  With 4 episodes to go, the writers needed to fill some space up before they started to put the wheels in motion for the final run.  Future episodes will probably progress a bit more than this one.

With that being said, I still think they delivered a quality episode that will likely have plenty of implications with everything is said and done.

Rating: B+

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