“The Switch” Review

By Jordan Magrath

Irony is an incongruity between the expected and actual result. Here, the incongruity occurs when a man is debating whether he should do the “right” thing, despite having just switched out a donor’s sperm sample! That’s irony, it has to be. Or maybe we have different definitions of what “right” means.

In “The Switch,” this man is Wally (Jason Bateman). He has the unfortunate task of being the hot girl’s best friend. You know, that best friend who has a thing for the girl but can’t admit it. This hot girl is Kassie (Jennifer Aniston).

I must, however, give the premise a little credit. Having a character accidentally become the father of his best friend’s child, without actually having sex, is pretty original. Also, I must compliment the acting. And no, this isn’t for Bateman or Aniston. The award goes to little-known Thomas Robinson, who plays Sebastian, the resulting child. Most, if not all, of my laughs came when this little guy talked. I loved it.

Thomas Robinson (left) was the only highlight of this film

That was about all I loved, though. I’ll start with the nit-picky stuff. If you are going to move a story seven years into the future, make some sort of effort to age the characters. It’s annoying and distracts from the overall movie when they don’t. More importantly, develop the characters! The lack of character development hindered the moral of the story. That simply didn’t happen. There wasn’t an “aha!” moment that I could connect with. They tried, but it was just not good enough.

I look at most romantic comedies and wonder if they all follow the same formula. Unfortunately, this one fits the formula to a tee. You know what’s going to happen going into the movie. Then, you wait almost two hours to see it fall into place. Don’t get me wrong, there are some “rom-coms” that work, but installment is just too similar. It’s kind of like those huge housing developments, where every house looks the same. It’s just trite.

Save yourself the money. Actually, here’s a good suggestion, go to YouTube and watch the trailer. You will have seen pretty much seen the movie. I don’t even know if I’d suggest it as a good date movie. It could get a bit awkward when they talk about artificial insemination with a turkey baster. I’m not even kidding you.

Rating: C

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